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HPAC Toy Drive

Santa’s Magic is Alive and Well and coming to Hurleyville! Join us for Socially Distanced Selfies with Santa at The Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre

Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 13th from 1:00-4:00pm

Drive through the circle drive and Come see Santa in the HPAC Lobby.
You will be able to safely take selfies and speak to Santa. Bring your lists to pass through the ticket booth window and leave with some holiday treats.

How it Works
Come to Hurleyville Main Street where you will be directed to the car line to see Santa. While you wait you will be able to listen to stories told by Santa on your car radio. Once you reach the HPAC Lobby doors your party will get out of the car to share your list through the ticket booth window, speak to Santa on a special microphone, and take socially distanced selfie photos with Santa through the big glass windows.

*You must stay in your car at all times until you reach the lobby doors.* Give a Gift / Take a Treat
Bring new clothing items for HPAC’s Annual Clothing Drive in the form of BRAND NEW winter clothing items sized for school-aged-kids Leave with a warm heart a pic of Santa and a sweet treat!

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