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3.24.2020 corona update


Message from Supervisor Steven Vegliante:

Good morning everyone,

During his Coronavirus briefing, Governor Cuomo confirmed 5,707 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 20,875 confirmed cases in New York State.

New York City had a total of 3,260 new positive cases, bringing its total to 12,305.

The Governor announced an initial delivery of hospital supplies to the Jacob K. Javits Center where FEMA has started to build a 1,000-bed temporary hospital that will help increase New York’s hospital capacity to combat COVID-19 and open next week. This is in addition to the four sites selected by the Army Corps of Engineers that will create temporary hospitals in downstate New York with total capacity up to 4,000.

The Governor also announced that three former Secretaries to the Governor — Steve Cohen, Bill Mulrow and Larry Schwartz — are joining the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force. Mulrow and Cohen will be tasked with developing a NYS Forward Plan – a strategy to restart the economy following the NYS on Pause executive order. Schwartz is tasked with helping the State acquire healthcare equipment and supplies and increasing New York’s hospital surge capacity.

Governor Cuomo signed an executive order requiring all hospitals to increase capacity by a minimum of 50 percent, with a goal of increasing capacity by 100 percent.

The Governor also launched the ‘NY Stronger Together’ campaign urging New Yorkers to stay home, stop the spread and save lives. As part of the campaign, celebrities including Robert De Niro, Danny DeVito, Ben Stiller and La La Anthony have sent videos of themselves at home to reinforce the Governor’s message that young people must stay home not for themselves, but to help protect older and more vulnerable New Yorkers. The campaign will also aim to highlight donations from major corporations, celebrities, philanthropic organizations to help increase the state’s supply capacity.

Additionally, the Governor announced that the state is opening a drive-thru COVID-19 mobile testing facility in the Bronx.

Video, Audio, Photos & Rush Transcript:…/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemi…

Governor Cuomo also signed an executive order requiring all hospitals to increase capacity by a minimum of 50 percent, with a goal of increasing capacity by 100 percent.
No. 202.10: Continuing Temporary Suspension and Modification of Laws Relating to the Disaster Emergency…/no-20210-continuing-temporary…

The link below provides a clear and concise page of how people can help and where they should be direct.…

ESD COVID-19 Related Resources

If you believe an employer is in violation of either existing labor laws or recently issued executive orders you can contact the NYS Attorney General’s Office at (212) 416-8700 or

Guidance on Coronavirus Resources from AG’s Office

Empire State Development (ESD) has created this FAQ to offer information to businesses regarding State regulations and general guidance related to the coronavirus.

If your question is not answered below, please contact ESD at our website at:

To file a complaint with the NYS Department of Human Rights

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

If someone is looking for a procurement opportunity, direct them to the procurement form:

If people want to make a donation (including essential goods, services, and/or spaces) please direct them here:…/su…/nys-covid19-tracking-offers

Important Numbers/Emails/Links
Price Gouging hotline: 800-697-1220
24-Hour Coronavirus hotline: 1-888-364-3065

NYS DOH website regarding Coronavirus:

Guidance for Determining Whether a Business Enterprise is Subject to a Workforce Reduction Under Executive Order 202.6

Assistance of Qualified Medical Professionals Survey:…/sur…/assistance-of-medical-prof

Retired Health Professional Survey:…/su…/retired-health-professional

COVID-19 Application For Suspension Of Debt Collection Activity:

Here is the Dedicated ESD waiver email address:

Amid a shortage of personal protective equipment — or PPE — products in the state, including gloves, masks and gowns, the Governor is asking all PPE product providers to sell to the state any products that are not essential or not currently being used. Businesses interested in selling products to the state should contact Simonida Subotic at 646 522-8477 or

The Governor is also encouraging any company with the proper equipment or personnel to begin to manufacture PPE products if possible. The state is willing to provide funding to any company to obtain the proper equipment and personnel. Businesses interested in receiving state funding to manufacture PPE products should contact Eric Gertler at 212-803-3100 or

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to have a different email address to ensure you are receiving this information as quickly as possible; please contact Dylan Miyoshi at 845-490-0838 or​