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WInter storm and coronavirus



Today is Sunday March 22, 2020 at 8:15 pm. 
My initial update is to the upcoming storm: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for our area from overnight tonight through early Tuesday morning. A Winter storm will produce 2-9 inches of wet heavy snow. Accumulations will vary due to elevation.
As we remain under Executive Orders prohibiting non-essential work, I would urge those who do not have to leave their home to stay there and off the roads. Please know that our highway department is an essential service and our workers will be out clearing roadways during and following the storm.Please check with your elderly or infirm neighbors and friends to make sure they are prepared. Please practice social distancing and proper disinfection protocol if interacting with them.

As for an update on the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic, I will keep it brief.
There are now 15 known cases of Coronavirus in our County and there are now over 15000 cases within New York State. The known case numbers are surging due to increased testing.The County has issued guidance discouraging those who are not full-time residents of our County from coming here. I join in that guidance.We remain under a local and statewide state of emergency. I have prohibited the operation and occupancy of seasonal camps and residences, and we will be diligently monitoring our entire township. These measures are being taken as medical facilities and available services are being marshaled to respond to increased caseloads which we expect in the next days and weeks.
The Governor holds a press briefing at 11:00 a.m. each day. I encourage you, to either watch it on local news stations, or to go to the Governor’s website. There you will find resources and press releases giving up to date information.

If you have any further questions or concerns, The toll free number for the Department of Health is 1-888-364-3065.The website is office will continue to coordinate efforts with the County of Sullivan Department of Emergency Management and Sullivan County Public Health as necessary, and will remain in contact with the NYS Department of Health and the Governor’s office.Once again, I urge you to not panic, but to be prepared and responsible.We have an opportunity to show each other the best in each of us. Let’s not show the worst.
Help your friends and neighbors that need it. Offer a smile, phone a friend, and let those around you know you are there for them.if you need help, reach out to your friends and neighbors. If you need, you may reach out to our offices and we will do our best to find the resources you need.Thank you.
Be Kind and Be Safe.