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Key to the Town Award Nomination Form

  1. Instructions

    Criteria and Specifications:

    The criteria against which applications will be judged are:

    • The benefit to the community

    • The number of people affected positively by the nominee

    • The length of service in connection with the activity 


    • An official entry form with supporting narrative must be submitted for consideration by the Town Board. 

    Your description of the nominee's accomplishments will be crucial to the selection process.

    • All nominees must reside within the Town of Fallsburg, New York.

  2. Nominee Information Area
  3. Please describe the nominee's accomplishments by addressing each of the following points, using no more than three pages.

    1. Briefly describe the nominee's activity (indicate what the person or group has done, how it was accomplished, where this activity happened, and when the contribution was made.)

     2. Describe how long the nominee has been involved with this activity. 

    3. Describe how the community has benefited from this activity. 

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